hot visits to Prambanan and Borobudur

23rd July 2014 In asia borobudur java prambanan yogyakarta
  • These were two of my favourite sites in all of Java. I’m a huge history lover and enjoy spending time surrounded by ancient temples. Did you stay for the Ramanyana ballet?

    • Unfortunately there was no possibility to see Ramanyana ballet when we were there :(

  • Prambanan and Borobudur are worldwide known – regardless of anyone’s religion. They are truly impressive – your photos convinced me, once again, of this – and I admit I want to be able to see them one day!

  • Carol Colbornc

    Wow, such stunning photos! I have heard of Borobodur but not of Prambanan. And now I know we can do this in one day! I wonder how much you had to spend and how early you had to go?

  • Absolutely astounding photos as ever with all your posts. Those temples look absolutely incredible.

  • I love Borobudur, it’s such an amazing place! When I went there, it was unfortunately quite crowded, but somehow I managed to take pictures without people on them ;)

  • Both sites are definitely worth a visit and your photography really does them justice, nice work!

  • Mar

    I loooove both temples, sunset st Borobudur is one of the most beautiful things

  • These photos literally took my breath away. I have never been but clearly need to change that.

  • Beautiful photos! We have been to Borobudur, but not to Prambanan – looks like we need to go back :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Your photos are unbelievable – we’ve just relocated to Australia so are really looking forward to having the chance to travel through Indonesia soon. So close so we’re really going to work hard to make it happen. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Travel Lushes

    These photos are amazing! <3

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