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Wschody i zachody słońca na planecie Wadi Rum

Oliwia 22 października 2018

Wadi Rum – atrakcje pustyni, noclegi i miejsca warte zobaczenia

Oliwia 22 października 2018

Wadi Rum – jak zorganizować wyjazd na czerwoną plenetę

Oliwia 22 października 2018

Rozmawiamy o podróżach – Klaudia Chechelska

Oliwia 18 października 2018

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Oliwia Papatanasis


Oliwia Papatanasis

Studied literature and journalism, deals with the promotion of culture. She travels the world whenever she can, and in her free time shares her passions online. She writes about travels, but the most important is photography. She felt in love with this form of expression probably during one of the beautiful sunrises or sunsets somewhere at the end of the world, but after some time she began to appreciate the intricate beauty of the people she meets in her path and decided to focus on them. Sometimes she travel alone to get lost in the crowd, be able to feel the atmosphere of the place and try to get to know it a little better. Another time in the group she is goes to climb mountain peaks, go through wet caves or admire the underwater world.



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