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Bromo and volcano wonderland


Next day of the trip made us realize once again that the style of driving in Asia differs quite a bit from ours ;). Thirteen hours in a little bus was quite tiring, for passengers sitting in the front probably also a bit stressful, because Java is unfortunately not well known for safe driving. Bali and Lombok in this regard are much calmer. Butts hurt from the constant bouncing on the street holes. Maybe later I’ll try to prepare a video from this travel 🙂

To the place of our accommodation we arrive late in the evening, the end of the road was tortuous and difficult. We are placed in hotels – according to the “package” price. Don’t expect a comfort, but it’s enough to spend one night. Do not expected great internet connection, there is none net at all (although it was supposed to be there). So if you have something important to do or to find – do that before.


People gather near four o’clock, from the hotel we are taken with 4×4 to Penanjakan, from where after sunrise a beautiful view to the land of volcanoes should extend. Remember to carry all the receipts, bills etc., because drivers and “tour pilots” are changing and without that one will have problems. Room number is also important. People who have not bought a package with 4×4 go by themselves directly to Bromo.

The journey is quite short, last part we cover on foot, along the way you can buy something warm to drink or eat at any of the stalls. At the top there is plenty of people, I cannot even estimate a number. It’s cold, wet and a little windy. I put a hat on my head … we find a place in the front, I notice that behind the barriers is kind of balcony and a lot of people stand there with tripods so nothing gets in a frame. Because it is dark trying to get there I do not notice a stretched barbed wire and I joyfully “jump” on it with my tibias. Luckily nothing bad happens to me, even somehow I manage to untie myself with leggings uncut. This is how I get known with a group of women from Korea and we can laugh a bit at my adventure 😉

Unfortunately we are unlucky with the weather, it’s cold, wet and foggy. We wait a long time for the sun, but it turns out that the fog is so thick and kind of steady, that there is no chance for the beautiful views. I insist to wait as long as possible, however, I have to eventually give up. We return to our 4×4 and go to the vicinity of Bromo. It is worth to ask a driver to stop on the way to take a couple of photos, the view is really nice, but hard to capture because the land is very dark, sky is hazy, incredibly bright and almost blinding.


Near Bromo a large group of “locals” awaits, everyone asks if you want to ride up to the volcano on a horseback. We are against the use of animals, so as always in such situations we choose walking. First we go through flat terrain, so it is easy. Later the amount of dust and the land inclination increase so we start slowly sinking in the ground. To get to the top we have to use stairs – this is the least enjoyable part, people go single file and the stairs are quite steep. To be honest I got tired a bit 😉 Along the way you can buy flowers that people throw into the crater. At the top the view is appealing and we’re hanging around for a quite some time near the crater. If you do not want to inhale the ubiquitous dust bring a mask or a scarf.

We return to the car at the appointed time. The driver takes us to the hotel where we pack up, eat breakfast, and we are ready for several hours of trip to the region of Kawah Ijen.






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