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List of my dreams, known as a bucket list - Oliwia Papatanasis | The Ollie

Wpisz to, czego szukasz

List of my dreams, known as a bucket list


Bucket list

I try to enjoy what life will bring, but I think one can always try to help that happiness happens. Although there are things that I would really like to see or try, but I try to be very calm in this subject, maybe for this reason I have not done ever so-called bucket lists. Maybe I was afraid that it will bring bad luck. Not sure.

Today I woke up with head full of ideas, it was like a huge brain storm, from private, heart, work to business matters. Like nothing new, but I missed it from a longer time and I was full of energy. When life makes you too many bad surprises and you feel you have enough, usually the moment comes, when you begin to slowly move on, and a bit like in the fog, but start to find your way. Maybe it was this time? Before I will speak with my ideas in my head I decided to do something new, I wrote down things that I always wanted to do, checked which came true, and which still need a little help. And those closest to my heart I will hide in secret 🙂


♥ means complete or partial implementation of the plan ♥

start to dive ♥

dive with seals in kelp forest

dive with whales

visit vulcanoes ♥

visit Dark Hedges and return to the sunrise ♥

do henna on hands ♥

see gorillas in the jungle

climb Kilimanjaro

start photographing people

see the aurora

visit Iceland

try cross country ♥

visit Turkey

visit the Faroe Islands

visit Yucatán, Cenotes

see the Ijen volcano ♥

hunt for storms ♥

explore the world slower ♥

swim with whale sharks ♥

see orangutans in their natural environment ♥

see tarsiers in their natural environment ♥

ride a bike more


stand up paddle ♥


rafting ♥

caving ♥

come back to Cuba and not be afraid of the street photos

visit Nepal and climb to Everest base

Nepal – trekking near Annapurna

try as much as possible of local food ♥

do not be afraid of new challenges ♥

do not be afraid of new opportunities ♥

visit Patagonia

visit Antarctica

visit Ecuador

visit Costa Rica

have a job I enjoy ♥

start writing and publishing ♥

see the jungle in Borneo ♥

visit India

visit Sri Lanka ♥

visit Lebanon

visit Iran

visit Hong Kong

come back do Indonesia – parts I didn’t see

see New York and San Francisco

look for light ♥

visit the Tatra mountains again after a long time

visit Bieszczady for the first time ♥

go to the Baltic Sea during the winter and during a storm ♥



return to the former republics of the USSR

visit Rwanda

visit Tanzania

visit Congo

visit Namibia

smile more: D ♥

♥ I will refresh the list on a regular basis 🙂 ♥

In the meantime, I pack and I’m going ahead!


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