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Finally a nice surprise! Szeroki Kadr!



A nasty week, Saturday comes, I spend time at the WZ WBK workshop with the amazing Karolina Jonderko, we go through the next points of the program, she has a file with links, where to look for funding, and where for the inspiration. It comes to Szeroka Kadr, she cliks link and on the big screen screen, sitting in the first row, I see my picture in the middle! I knew that my photos should be shown there, but I was busy and did not check when, and I thought it would be clocer to October. I like such surprises! 🙂
You can find article here:


The last two weeks have been so intense that I did not even manage to write about what good happened to me in this hard and quite depressing time. Sometimes these fleeting moments of happiness escape us at such moments and we are not able to enjoy them as we should. And we should! Even if with a delay! But now I can breathe deeper, write what happened in my post in a separate post 🙂

And photos of Karolina Jonderko from the WZ WBK PRESS FOTO exhibition, I will write about the course separately:





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