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“Travelling Woman” during Dni Podróżnika (the Days of the Traveler) in Wroclaw


It was like this during Dni Podróżnika (the Days of the Traveler) in Wroclaw. If you have missed it, check out the regular presentations organized by the BIT Klub Podróżnika (BIT Traveler Club) and get ready for the festival next year. I had the pleasure of talking about “Travelling Woman”, it was the premiere of this subject, I had only 20 minutes, but I really liked it, there will be more!

I performed in the panel with Małgosia Szumska and Robert Maciąg, the main theme was conscious traveling. Małgosia talked about volunteering on the Bantayan island in the Philippines and helping the inhabitants to rebuild their homes destroyed by a powerful typhoon and asked the question: is helping always good? And Robert told us that the most important thing during the trip are meetings and relationships on the example of his journey on the Silk Road.

fot. Kamil Soczewka i Busem przez Świat


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