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Bicycle Wroclaw – the most popular paths and bike routes


I like riding a bike very much. Fortunately, I have levees near the house, where I can calmly and silently ride by the water or trough the paths and bicycle routes prepared for the residents. As soon as I felt Spring I began to think about the routes that I have already traveled and about those that I would like to visit.

Bicycle routes and paths

Thanks to the bike, I can travel much longer distances than on foot, and the choice of routes and the large variety of terrains during driving makes me like to leave the house even for the whole day and stop at various points on the way, for example to learn interesting places where I do not look at every day, and get home relaxed and slightly tired in the late evening. Most probably I like to start in the vicinity of Różanka and bike through the levees to Biskupin, where really good pizza awaits, but also a recently opened Cuban eatery.



On the map below you will find bike routes around the city, but also going outside the city.:

And if someone would like to circle Wrocław on a bike – no problem. It takes 2 to 4 hours to ride a bike to cover the route. We go on the Polanka through Wały Odrzańskie, Biskupin, Niskie Łąki, Armii Krajowej street, Skowroni Park, Park Południowy, FAT, wharf, Jeziorańskiego and Żmigrodzka Streets.

sciezki rowerowe Wrocław


In addition, you can read the recommendations of routes in and around Wrocław HERE i HERE, you will find routes from 11 to as many as 212 kilometers! I am also attach a map of bicycle paths, for enthusiasts of everyday use of this way of locomotion around the city: MAP PDF i INTERACTIVE MAP.

The most popular bicycle routes are (you will find them on maps and links):

in teh city

  • Around Różanka 9 km
  • Wielka Wyspa 14 km
  • Wrocław Oder river 27 km
  • Rogowska – Pretficza – Rogowska 7 km
  • Wrocław Południe 31 km
  • Ariund center 31 km
  • Leśnica 33 km
  • Airport area 25 km
  • Ślęza river, Park Grabiszyński, Park Tysiąclecia, Pilczycki forest 28 km
  • Mokrzański forest10 km
  • Wrocław center – Pilczycki forest 17 km

around the city

  • Wrocław – Kąty Wrocławskie – Wrocław 32 km
  • Wrocław – Smolec – Samotwór 34 km
  • Osobowice – irrigation area – Las Rędziński 22 km
  • Wrocław – Siechnice 26 km
  • Wrocław – Brzeg Dolny 42 km
  • Wrocław – Brzeg Dolny – Wrocław 72 km
  • Wrocław – Wojnowice – Wrocław 62 km
  • Opatowicki Jaz, Baikal lake19 km
  • Biskupin – Starorzecze Odry 36 km
  • Wrocław – Komorowice – Galowice 11 km
  • Wrocław – Kotowice – Oława – Okoszyce – Wrocław 74 km
  • Wrocław – Baikal lake – Szczodre – Wrocław 63 km
  • Wrocław – Łozina – Oleśnica 65 km
  • Stabłowice – Maślice – Pracze – Stabłowice 11 km
  • Wrocław – Panieńskie lake 46 km
  • Wrocław – Trzebnica 25 km
  • Wrocław – Nadolice Wielkie – Wrocław 49 km
  • Wroclaw Srodmiejska Ring Road 17 km
  • Wilkszyn – Pisarzowice – Brzezina 15 km
  • Wrocław – Łozina – Trzebnica – Wrocław 56 km
  • Wrocław – Chrząstawa Wielka – Borowa – Dobra – Wrocław 86 km
  • Wrocław – Jelcz – Oleśnica – Wrocław 92 km
  • Through the Oder Valley 132 km
  • Wrocław – Krasków – Wrocław 110 km
  • Stadion Wrocław – Brzeg dolny – Stadion Wrocław 68 km
  • Psie pole – Most Rędziński – Stabłowice – Żerniki 53 km

sciezki rowerowe wroclaw


Parking lots and bicycle stands

JeIf you want to leave your bike for a moment or longer, here is the LIST of parking lots and bike racks in Wrocław.

Find accommodation in Wrocław


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