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Singapore Changi Airport | successfully bought cheap tickets to Singapore, trip planned in details… so… it is time to go! Flight with Swiss Airlines was not particularly special. Not very new plane – less comfortable than Qatar Airlines planes – but service was very good, food as well. It was a direct flight – more than 12 hours, so I was afraid how my eyes and contact lenses will survive this trip. Unexpectedly, I felt much better than during last flight with a stopover in Qatar, I used eye drops just once. The only inconvenience of the trip was that we have selected seats too late and we had to take the middle row right after the toilets. So “every 2 minutes” someone flashed our eyes with the light of the toilet. It took me some time to fall asleep, but once I did I woke up just for the breakfast :] Finally, I conclude that direct flight is much less tiring and if there is a chance I will definitely use in the future.





Immigration | During the flight we get immigration documents with a reminder that we can have big problems smuggling drugs and other substances. With papers completed we chose between long and very long queue. Passport and filled documents will be scanned quickly and efficiently. The most common question asked is whether it’s transfer, and if so, when and which lines and that’s all. The airport is not small and the transfer cannot be done on the run, so if you are planning to make a fast transfer in Changi Airport then double check it.


MTR subway ▪ Little India | While going out from the plane it turned out that two friends also attempted this flight, what funnier they planned a return flight also on the same day! 😉 They also have choosen Indonesian holidays, but only in Bali and Gili Air. They decide to try to find a place in a hotel that we’ve booked in Little India, so we set out together on the first trip with Singapore metro. Not without a little confusion next to ticket office and machines, but in a country where English is one of the official languages it’s very easy to find helpful hand. People turned out to be helpful and kind. The trip took about an hour and required three transfers: Paya Lebar, Serangoon and Tanah Merah if I remembre well ¹ (you can also go through the Outram Park ¹ with two interchanges, but you should go a bit further and then turn around). It is good to have a map or google maps offline (just connect with free WiFi at the airport – requires to enter a password, which you will receive by SMS and than you just have to login with it on website – 2 minutes and you’re online) because it is a lot of high streets and many more smaller – poorly marked. Little India is really Little India. Almost only Hindu people around, surrounding full of Indian clothes, smells and tastes. At the beginning it was hard for us to find our hotel, but with the help of local people fairly quickly we traced the street. The hotel appeared to be quite nice. And has a window ² :]







Taxi | Cost of taxi from the airport to Little India in Singapore is 40 dollars, and from Little India to Marina Bay approx. 10 SGD.

Light show ▪ Marina Bay ▪ Gardens by the Bay | Quick shower, WiFi, and we’re going to take a look at skyscrapers under the stars and light show and if we will be able also Gardens by the Bay. On the way we eat a warm dinner in the Indian bar. Since we have only 15 minutes to light show we decide to take a taxi. This is not an easy task. At each corner few people trying to catch a taxi. Eventually we approach a driver having a break for cigarette in a narrow street. He says that the trip will take about 15 minutes, but we get there in about 10. Get off near the famous fountain in the shape of a lion – the light show has just begun. Show turns out to be middling, and if it was not the starting point of our walk I would say that it was a waste of time. A pair of lasers, highlighted the “bottom of the ship” positioned at the hotel, music from a distance and that’s all about it. Wroclaw show on the Pergola is definitely better attraction. However, if someone wants to see it by himself the show goes every day at 20:00 and 21:30, it takes 15 minutes. Or maybe we just had bad luck or not this day, not this time, not this side of the marina … because there are some delighted with this attraction: tripadvisor light and water show





The walk is very pleasant, view of skyline too. However, the climate gives a touch, it’s stuffy, we are sweaty, but it turns out that, in comparison with the next day it was pretty cool;) We get to Marina Bay Sands, it’s good to take a better look at it, the lower part of the building is covered with something that resembles husks, and moves by the wind reflecting many colors. The next day I was able to see better what makes that great effect :). We get to the hotel lift and move to its center with a special alley at the height of a good few meters which leads to the Gardens by the Bay. Even from a distance the view is amazing, I associate it with the Avatar movie (pictures in the next post). We get there at good time, almost no people around. Once we left the avenue the downpour begins, we hide under the roof for about 15 minutes of bad weather, and later we are able to see up close all the magic trees. It’s great!



Our friend finds informations about another show – Garden Rhapsody, which takes place there every day at 19:45 and 20:45. We decided on the second day to check if it is cool. I will be pleasant just to see these trees again 🙂

In front of the hotel we stand in longest queue (in the world?) for a taxi o.O The pictures shows only part of it, maybe a quarter.




After going to beds, it turns out that something roars – we think it maight be broken AC? So Turn off Air Con. Still something rumbles. It is AC, but not ours, but from neighboring building located right next to our wall … We take earplugs…


¹ in reality it is needed to change trains on Tanah Merah station. You have to change the Green Line for… the Green Line … this is few stops from the airport but basically it’s continuation of the Green Line that goes back and forth. This does not require running through the metro station, just stay calm and focused 😉

² while booking carefully read information about the hotel and the room – if it has a window. If there is no such information check description to the very end because sometimes room is “issued in accordance with current availability, not all rooms have windows.”


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