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Why blogging?


Travel | Something that I always wanted to do, but unfortunately it does not necessarily managed to find the funds or respective companions. Time passed, and the desire to travel does not weaken. At the beginning were some travels  during the long university vacation, but very low budget. Then came time to fight in the labor market, and even though there were more funds for trips, I started having problems with time. Unfortunately, time of a two-month trips has gone, now it is needed to only „jump” for two or three weeks, so the itinerary must be well designed. Short, but thanks to the work we can afford more things and attractions to do while travelling and buy some additional flights.

Why a blog? | Preparing for journey: planning places to visit and flights, as well as activities and budget, you can now find a lot of useful informations in the internet. Also often accidentally I hit on something and it turned out that there are great places to see, which about previously I had no idea. Sometimes the information sought are fairly easily available and described in great detail, but it happens that we are looking for something a long time, in different languages, and still do not get answers to our questions. During preparing a plan for the next trip and reading travel forums or topics from the previous trip, I realized that I already have some knowledge about the places I visited. Meanwhile, while searching in the sweat of one’s brow for the informations I was surprised that nobody wrore anything, and I caught up on the fact that I keep the acquired knowledge for myselfe. Unfortunately, I will not be able to describe in details most old trips, because after all this time I don’t remember everything. I think, however, that even a lot of photos give, she often looked through galleries of trips and decide what I want to see, and what not. If I manage to resist the order may think the inym option than a blog – at the moment but it is the easiest and most convenient.

Summary | If I go somewhere, I will – more or less regulary – update blog with fresh informations and photos. In the meantime, I’ll try to add few posts and pictures from old journeys.







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