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Where to get money for travels?

Oliwia 4 August 2019

City bike in Wrocław – where are the stations and how does it work?

Oliwia 25 April 2019

Amboseli National Park – photo gallery of safari in Kenya

Oliwia 9 March 2019

Tsavo National Park – photo gallery of safari in Kenya

Oliwia 9 March 2019

Sunrises and sunsets on the planet Wadi Rum

Oliwia 22 October 2018

Oliwia Papatanasis

Studied literature and journalism, specifically as it deals with the promotion of culture. She travels the world whenever she can, and in her free time shares her passions online. While she writes about her travels, her true passion is photography. She fell in love with this form of expression probably during one of the beautiful sunrises or sunsets somewhere at the end of the world, but after some time she began to appreciate the intricate beauty of the people she meets in her path and decided to focus on them. Sometimes she travels alone to get lost in the crowd; to be able to feel the atmosphere of the place and try to get to know it a little better. Other times she’s happy to join group trips to climb mountain peaks, go through wet caves or admire the underwater world.. More…

Expedition to Kazbek – why the mountains should not be underestimated


My relationship with the mountains is a complicated, I love them, maybe they do me too, so they let me know when the time is not good for me to reach their peak. Sometimes I hate mountains because I’m not made for long-distance activities. Not once tired, I curse under my breath or get frustrated when I can’t reach the top. However, sooner or later I return to the mountains feeling the emptiness in my heart when I haven’t seen them for too long. I admit that the magic of well known, high and beautiful peaks also works on me. Of course, I realize that with some I am already entering the dream zone. Kazbek seemed to be reachable and it slowly drove my thoughts until finally … a trip to Kazbek happened!

Man of the forest – our cousin Orangutan

6 years ago

Short trip to Bohol, Philippines – Tarsiers and Chocolate Hills

6 years ago

Tsavo National Park – photo gallery of safari in Kenya

3 years ago

Whale sharks in Oslob – how does it really look like?

6 years ago
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Wonderful Wadi Rum and Petra in Jordan


Wadi Rum in Jordan is an unearthly place. There are several movies shot here, including those about the red planet. Driving there I was afraid that I was so wound up on the wonderful views that I could be disappointed in my ideas about the famous desert. And on the spot I was speechless with delight. Wadi Rum is much more beautiful than I had imagined, I can’t wait to see it again.

I don’t think I know any person who would not associate a narrow road among the orange-yellow walls of the As-Sik Gorge leading to Petra’s most famous building, called the Pharaoh’s Treasury – Al-Chazna. Unfortunately, the admission price is adequate to the size and popularity of attractions, but I think it is worth spending this amount to see Petra, one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Carpathian Wine Route – tasty time in Podkarpacie – Polish wines

City bike in Wrocław – where are the stations and how does it work?

Bicycle Wroclaw – the most popular paths and bike routes

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